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One particular day a customer rang to order a humongous van for an equally humongous parcel. You’ve all heard the saying “size doesn’t matter”, well it does when you are trying to fit a 6 metre crate into a 4.2 metre van. Now we’re not saying things always happen for a reason, but low and behold we had a very similar thing happen a week later. It was at this point we thought we‘d better get a bigger beast.

The owner, at the age of 8 was obsessed with Tonka toys, so the decision to expand into HGV’s was an easy one. The only disappointment so far is that we haven’t yet managed to find a big yellow one for him, but he’s dead proud of the one’s we do have. Trying to convince him that we don’t need a crane is another story.

We try to avoid bragging, it’s distasteful. Sometimes though one has to indulge in self praise and go all out to impress. It’s at this point we have to tell you that we are probably one of the only courier companies that offers such a vast range of vehicles. There, that wasn’t too distasteful was it.

Convoy; by C.W. McCall Convoy - C.W. McCall

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