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"Living in a Box"

It’s all about boxes and parcels, lots of them. We live and breathe boxes and parcels, they are our passion. You might think we need to get out more, but we all have our kinks don’t we?

We use the word “distribution” daily, but what does it actually mean? Well, think of a scenario where you are asked to send 150 boxes to 75 destinations, some big, some small, some urgent, some not so. You could look through all of our services and the chances are you may not know where to start. We on the other hand would have lots of ideas and ways to “distribute” your parcels, and more importantly within your specified timescale and budget.

If you had a leak you’d call a plumber, if you’ve got a distribution call us..

Living in a Box; by Living in a Box Living in a Box - Living in a Box

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