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So what is an overnight? No, it’s not a stay at a top London hotel, sorry. It is essentially a very cheap way to get your parcels from one end of the country to the other. Be warned though, there’s cheap, and there’s cheap. You wouldn’t expect to leave a car showroom with a Ferrari and get away for paying for a Skoda now would you. There’s a balance here, and we’ve struck it.

We take your parcels seriously, which is why we use only the best networks. Chicken catchers or the slow boat to China simply won’t do.

Much like internationals, we are often asked how we can get so many things delivered so far away, and more to the point how do we do it so cheaply. It’s that boring old technical term again “freight forwarding”. Believe it or not it can be quite interesting, so if you ever fancy talking logistics for half an hour over a skinny latte and a muffin get in touch, we’ll hook you up with one of our boffins..

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