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"Life In The Fast Lane"

Priority, mega, screaming hot, life or death, we all have our description of something “urgent”. We (Mission) are able to provide more descriptive variations of the word “urgent” than most off the shelf dictionaries. Although there was one particular client who once used the word “zesty”  which confused us a little, but you could forgive us that one.


We used to claim that we deliver from ”A to B”,  but that seemed to deter potential customers that were based in Kew. So now we simply say “we deliver everywhere”.

For our cosmopolitan Londoners we have our own fleet of wonderful drivers, and for those of you outside of our capital we have access to the UK’s largest independent courier network. Either way you can be assured of a “zesty service.”

If you book couriers regularly make sure you open an account, there are plenty of reasons above as to why, but if you need convincing further please get in touch..

Life In The Fast Lane; by The Eagles Life in The Fast Lane - The Eagles

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