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"Do Nothing"

That’s right, do nothing! Leave it all to us. Imagine never having to fill in another consignment note, imagine freeing up some space, imagine never having to pack another box, imagine having someone to despatch all of your orders, imagine having to do nothing. Now stop imagining and believe, we can deliver!

Our Storage Pick & Pack service means we do all of the above for you (and more). Is there a catch? Of course there is, we charge for it. Woooooah, don’t stop reading now simply because we’ve mentioned charging you! Actually, you could save a fortune! Weigh up the cost of storage space, hours of lost admin, fortunes of packing supplies, and compare it to our “small but fair” fees, and you may look at your parcel delivery and distribution in a whole different way.

Like to hear more about doing nothing? All you need do is pick up the phone, nothing else, we promise..

Do Nothing; by The Specials Do Nothing - The Specials

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