Coronavirus – Contingency & Safe Practice

Coronavirus – Contingency & Safe Practice

With the concerns over the Coronavirus rising, we would like to bring you our assurances, and also advise on the steps we are taking in relation to current news and guidelines.


What is our contingency plan?

As part of our disaster recovery plan, our I.T systems have been designed to allow our office to operate fully in a remote location or locations. This means that in the hopefully unlikely event of a complete lockdown, our entire staff base are able work from home. Our servers, VoIP telephone system, office 365, email etc are all cloud based. Working on the assumption that drivers would still be allowed to deliver door to door, this essentially means that we would be able to operate as normal with little or no impact on service to our customers.

Will any services be affected?

As above, working on the assumption that drivers would be allowed to deliver door to door, then same day services will be unaffected. There does pose the obvious issue of fleet numbers should some have to stay home to look after children and so on, but we fully expect this would be offset by a fall in demand should large parts of London be placed on lockdown in terms of office closures.

Overnight and international deliveries are also expected to run as normal, however, all parcels which normally come via our office for processing would have to be either collected directly by the carrier(s), or, collected by our own fleet and taken directly to the relevant depot(s). In this instance you will need to ensure that all parcels are properly packaged for transport, and that consignment labels and any paperwork (such as customs documentation) are attached. Consignment labels can either be emailed to you, or, they can be printed via our online booking system. (This is NOT required for same days). “NO action is required at present, this is merely in the event of a total closure”

Fulfilment services may be impacted if our Milton Keynes distribution warehouse were to be locked down, but this would only affect clients that store their product(s) with us, and these clients would be contacted separately. “Thus far there are no suggestions that this is likely to happen”.

What can I do to help?

There really isn’t anything or much you can do as a customer, although we would advise using our online booking portal as much as possible in the event of a lock down. Whilst our phone system will be fully operational, staff will be using VoIP (Voice Over I.P) via an app based system, so you may see a very occasional and slight drop in call clarity. If you do not currently use our online booking tool and would like to do so, please email and a member of the team will help you get set up.

We do however urge you to read the section below regarding drivers entering premises and obtaining POD’s.

Drivers entering premises and obtaining POD’s (proof of delivery).

In order to reduce any potential risk of spreading Coronavirus, we recommend that where possible, all collections and deliveries are made either at the door, or in a post-room / main reception, or other area where staff/customer numbers are minimal. Essentially, where possible, avoid drivers entering a full office environment unless absolutely necessary.

As we operate a fully electronic proof of delivery system, you will be aware that all signatures are captured via a mobile device. As a rule the driver will ask for the recipient’s name, and then hand them the device for a physical signature. For the immediate future only, we have instructed all drivers NOT to take physical signatures unless specifically requested to do so. They will continue to take the name of the recipient as normal, so you will still receive a full date & time stamp of delivery, together with the name of the person accepting the delivery, hence the only element missing will be the physical signature.

Driver’s can carry out up to 100 collections/deliveries on any given day, which means up to 100 people handling their mobile device. We have taken advice, and based on similar decisions from other courier/delivery businesses and major carriers, we feel that by following this process the risk of possible contamination is significantly reduced, and therefore is in the best interests of everyone.

Should you require a physical signature, please make this clear at the time of booking (if booking online please add “physical signature required” in the notes section of your booking). In this event, merely as a precautionary measure, we recommend the recipient washes their hands after handling a drivers mobile device. Likewise, our drivers have been instructed to wash their hands and/or use anti-bacterial gel regularly throughout the day.

Delivering to someone who has symptoms, or is self-isolating.

If one of our drivers is required to deliver to a person who has Coronavirus symptoms, or is self-isolating, then the courier will deliver to a safe place / to the door (as requested). They will obtain a photograph of the item in the safe place and sign the delivery off of their handheld. This will trigger an email proof of delivery email to the booker (entered at time of booking), so you can advise the recipient that the delivery has taken place. Third party carriers also have measures in place, and links to carrier updates can be found at the footer of this page.

What else are we doing to help?

As well as above, we will be operating a strict self-isolation policy should any of our team (office and drivers included) show any remote systems of Coronavirus. No member of staff will be allowed to enter the office, nor any driver allowed to carry out any deliveries until we are completely satisfied that they do not pose a risk to the public.

We sincerely hope all of our customers stay well, but we would ask that in the extremely unlikely event that anyone contracted the virus, that they please advise us immediately if they have any concerns that they have been in close contact with any of our staff or drivers.

We will be monitoring the situation very closely, and will adhere to any directives issued by the authorities.

This page will act as a live feed, so should there be any updates we will bring them to you immediately. As well as emailing this link to all contacts in our database, you will notice a link to this page at the page at the bottom of your booking confirmation receipts on all bookings until further notice.

So, it’s business as usual, we hope you all stay safe and well, and thank you for your continued support.

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