7 Top Tips On How To Choose A Courier

7 Top Tips On How To Choose A Courier

For many companies, the contact a customer has with the courier may be the only human interaction they have with your business.  There are lots of courier companies to choose from so you need to think carefully when looking for someone to deliver your parcels.

It is really important to make the right choice when it comes to selecting a courier to deliver goods to your customers. How do you find the right courier service to suit your business?

If you are a solely eCommerce business then the courier service you use to send out orders may be the only human interaction your customers have with your company.  It is so important to get it right and choose the best people to represent your business when they deliver the goods to the end customer.  You want your courier to be an ambassador for your business and one you can rely on.

Tracking is essential as you want to be sure your parcels will arrive with no problem.  Always check if a tracking service is available as this will give you and your customers peace of mind.  Buyers generally don’t mind paying a little bit more to have tracking included.

Courier Van

You need to use a courier with competitive pricing but bear in mind that the cheapest might not be the best.  You need to be sure you will get a reliable service as this is key to success.  Look at reviews and ask other companies who they use for their courier and if they are happy with the service.  Small business forums are another way to find the best delivery service for your business.

How your courier looks and the vehicles they drive can be important to your customers and also will be the impression they get of your company.  Are the drivers smartly dressed and polite?  Are the vans clean and tidy with appropriate sign writing?  Would you be happy yourself receiving deliveries from them?

Research the customer service and returns policies of potential couriers so you know what you are dealing with should things go wrong.   Will you need to use a different courier depending on the service your customer wants?  You might have a London courier and then a different one for national and international deliveries.  Or perhaps one for same day delivery and next day deliveries and another for standard deliveries?  It can be efficient to find the best service and price for each type of delivery or find one delivery company that can do it all such as Mission Despatch

Here are our top 7 Tips to finding the right courier for the job!

    1. Are the big courier companies the best?   Not necessarily!  I’m sure they will be very attentive when they first get your business but after that you risk becoming just another account in a big, churning corporate machine.  You need a courier company that is big enough to be able to offer a professional service, and deliver on time, but they also need to be friendly and small enough to care.


    1. Is a courier service just another cost for my business?  Depending on who you choose as your courier partner they can be a real drain to your bottom line or they can be your greatest friend.  You need to choose a courier service that will offer a friendly, reliable and professional face to your customers.  You need a parcel delivery company you can work with to find a solution that is economically successful for both parties.  Sometimes you can make your logistics a zero cost or you might even be able to turn a profit depending on which courier company you work with.


    1. What parcel delivery service should I offer?  If you use a London courier then you might want to offer a same day or overnight service.  If one courier company quotes you £60 and the other £30 who do you go with?  You should never base your decision solely on the price quoted (although obviously it has to be a consideration).  Is your courier going to deliver your parcel when promised?  Are they reliable and trustworthy?  If your customer is paying extra for same day or overnight delivery then you need to make sure they get it or they will more than likely be really vocal with their disappointment.   Whatever service you offer, you need to make sure your parcels are delivered when promised.


    1. Does your courier always need to use tracking?  If it is a short delivery across London you should just ask for email notification on delivery rather than tracking the courier at every opportunity.  You need to choose a professional courier you can trust to deliver on time, every time.  If you partner with a reliable courier company then you won’t need to track every parcel delivery yourself.


    1. Does it matter who collects and delivers my parcels?   You want your courier to be smart, clean and polite with a friendly smile.  Their bikes, cars or vans should all be clean and well maintained.  The courier company is an ambassador of your company and you need to choose one that understands your business and can provide the level of service your company deserves.


    1. Should I choose a courier company based on the prices they charge?  No, definitely not!  The courier should offer competitive pricing but price is not the most important consideration.  If you regularly get lost parcels or half are delivered several days after they were expected then this will cost you dearly – both in lost custom and refunds.  People always talk about a bad experience to their friends and acquaintances and bad delivery experiences can be fatal for a small business.


    1. What else do I need to consider when choosing a courier company?  You need to make sure your courier is insured and you can also look at reviews from previous customers.  If they only have 1* and 5* reviews then be suspicious.  It is very rare you have a really bad experience or a really excellent experience and nothing at all in between!   Dig around and look at their reputation, customer care, have they won any awards, what is their staff turnover like?  Ring them for a chat and see how friendly they are.  It is essential to build a good relationship with your courier whichever one you decide on.


To summarise you need choose a quality courier who will get your goods to the customer in the time frame agreed and at a price that suits you.  They need to offer a guaranteed service or your money back.  You need to check out their insurance, appearance, vehicles, staff turnover, reputation, awards and also their friendliness and their willingness to do a good job for you.

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