Become Eco-Friendly With Your Packaging

Become Eco-Friendly With Your Packaging

Are you looking to become more eco-friendly with sustainable packaging for your products and do you want to use a green courier?  We offer a bike courier service and we have also invested in a fleet of  eco-friendly courier parcel cars.  Our super duper Fiestas are one of the most fuel efficient and lowest polluting vehicles on the road and we are working hard to further reduce the effect on the environment with our London courier service.  

There is more and more focus on reducing waste and limiting the effect of packaging materials on the environment and it is worth considering when you are looking at packing your products and considering which courier company to use for your parcel delivery.

eCommerce makes up over 18% of all UK retail sales and companies such as Amazon send out thousands of parcels a day.

eCommerce is growing and we will see more and more orders being placed online in the future. These orders will need to be shipped to the buyer via a courier so there will be more and more packaging material potentially ending up in landfill. We all need to do our bit to reduce this.

What is eco-friendly packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging is easily recycled, and is safe for individuals and the environment. It makes use of renewable energy, and uses as much renewable or recycled materials as possible. It is also known as green packaging, or sustainable packaging.

How can you do your bit?

When packing your parcels for delivery by your courier service you should use sustainable packaging materials such as mushroom packaging where possible. Mushroom packaging, used by Ikea and several other large brands, is a biodegradable fungus-based packaging that replaces polystyrene, which is tricky to recycle. Polystyrene packaging peanuts are estimated to take a million years to fully break down!

Reduce the amount of packaging you use. Sometimes, when your item is delivered, you will see 1 or 2 boxes inside the outer, main box. This is generally down to automated packaging and parcel delivery.  Really have a think to see what is actually needed to protect your product in transit by your courier and reduce the packing materials where you can.

Re-use packaging where you can. The aim is for nothing to end up in landfill so you need to recycle if possible.

Let us know your ideas for eco-friendly packaging and how you are reducing waste in your business.