How To Pack Clothing For Shipping To Your Customers

How To Pack Clothing For Shipping To Your Customers

Most clothes that are shipped are sent in poly mailers or plastic envelopes via a courier service.  Poly mailers are cheap and practical to use.  They are easy to pack and can be sealed quickly and robustly.  It is important to pack clothes well as your customer might be put off if their order arrives screwed up and in a mess.  You want them to have a good impression of the item and your company when the parcel is delivered by your courier.  They are more likely to be happy with their purchase and to buy from you again in the future.

Make sure you have lots of clean and clear space to fold your clothes up efficiently.  You might prefer to roll your items but this isn’t recommended as the garment will be crumpled on arrival.  Fold your items neatly – there are lots of YouTube videos online which show you how to fold different items in the best way if you are unsure.

Once your items are neatly folded put them into individual plastic bags or use bubble wrap.  This will protect the clothing from water damage during transit and will give it an extra layer of protection should the poly mailer or outer box be damaged.  It is important to do this and is expected by your customers.

If you are just shipping one item then slip it into a poly mailer.  They come in all sizes so choose the size that is appropriate for the item of clothing you are shipping.  Bulkier items might require a box.  Now add the shipping label, seal the item and you are done!   Your deliveries are ready to be collected by your courier service.

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