Is Your Small Business Ecommerce Site Ready for Christmas?

Is Your Small Business Ecommerce Site Ready for Christmas?

Is your small business ready for the pre-Christmas rush and are you counting on holiday shoppers to give your business a bumper year?  Make sure you follow these tips to get the best out of what is expected to be another record-setting holiday shopping season.  Preparing for Christmas is not just about making sure you have lots of stock and have hired enough staff.  You need to look at the bigger picture.  Unfortunately, having great products and prices is not enough any more. Very quickly things can go adrift, particularly given how quickly the holiday shopping frenzy can come and go.

1.  Does you website look as though Christmas is round the corner?  A sprig of holly in the corner of the home page and a handful of Christmas products is not enough to inspire shoppers.  Your whole website needs to be themed and make visitors feel valued and welcome.   Use images that work for people of all faiths.  Ideal themes are Christmas trees, winter, Father Christmas and Christmas decorations.  All of these are commonly associated with Christmas and are acceptable for all.

2.  Ensure your buyers can make a purchase as easily and quickly as possible.  Everyone gets stressed in the run-up to Christmas and we are all short of time.  Give good clear product descriptions and make sure your prices are competitive.

3.  Make sure your last guaranteed delivery deadlines and courier delivery times and choices are displayed well and are easy to find.   It is really important this information is to hand as almost every buyer will want to know their presents will arrive on time or they might look elsewhere.

4.  If a product is out of stock make sure this is clear on your website.  Is there a facility for the customer to be emailed when it’s back in stock?  Something worth considering.

5.  Do you have a robust returns process in place?   Again, make sure this is easy to find and very clear.  Buyers will always want to know they can return an item and the time frame offered.

6.  Make sure you keep your office and warehouse staff happy as Christmas can be a very stressful time for all with increased orders and customer enquiries.  A few sweets or mince pies in the staff room will show you care and bring a bit of Christmas joy to the workplace.  Big up your Team and make sure you get your hands dirty and work alongside them at really busy times.

7.  Keep your customers happy.  Give them a really good service and they will tell their friends and come back again in the future.  Encourage them to leave reviews and share their experience on social media. 

We hope these tips help  you prepare for Christmas and that you have a prosperous new year. Don’t forget we are one of London’s leading courier service and can help you manage the Christmas rush. Get a quote or sign up for an account here.