Traditional Couriers In London

Traditional Couriers In London

Traditional Couriers In London – An Overview

If you have used Traditional Couriers in London for more than a few years you may have noticed that the number of traditional courier companies has shrunk somewhat. This is partly due to a handful of the larger courier companies acquiring many small to medium sized couriers, and sadly, some of them giving in to the ever increasing challenges of running a courier business.

Many of the “new age” courier companies are app based, which is a very different model. These are essentially tech companies using software to provide platforms for self-employed couriers in London to log into and work on demand, much like the Uber model for taxis. Whilst such models appeal to certain industries, such as food & grocery delivery, and last mile delivery for high street retail, it’s a model that does not provide the level of personal service and customer care that you come to expect from a traditional same day couriers in London. For London’s business hub, lawyers, banking firms & general office, traditional couriers in London still provide the most hands on level of service, hence the medium sized traditional courier companies still play a massive part in the capitals courier industry.

At Mission Despatch we are very much “old meets new”. Whilst living by our morals of maintaining a customer focused service by way of an experienced and friendly in house team, we have also invested in technology in order to offer services such as last mile & on demand couriers for the retail sector. Our aim is to provide our customers what they need, but with a much more hands on customer focused approach.

To see how we can help your business get in touch today for a free no obligation overview of your businesses courier and logistical courier requirements. You will be pleasantly surprised.