Courier Companies vs Software Based Companies

Courier Companies vs Software Based Companies

When booking a courier, how do you tell if you are booking with a real Courier Company, or a Software company that professes to be a Courier Company, and what is the difference? A good barometer is generally in the booking options, software based couriers that essentially have none of their own fleet will only allow you to book your couriers online. Once booked the software will then select a “local” Courier and send you booking details through to them.

Whilst this is a reasonable delivery solution it provides the customer with much less control. Effectively you are booking with a company that allocates your booking to another company, and as a company you have no control as to who this may be. Such software companies rely on winning volume by driving down costs, hence making them an attractive proposition. Although this may work in certain industries, many clients require a much more proactive and controllable solution, and more importantly, like to know who they are dealing with. If your business falls into the latter category, then be wise when selecting where and who you book with. If you book via a software based model here are just a few things you should consider.

Top 3 Considerations

  1. Do the software company vet the couriers? They are under no obligation to do so.
  2. Who insures your goods in the event of loss or damage? Is it the Software Company, or do they pass blame onto the “Courier” leaving you to sort out any rising claim?
  3. Does the software company have any control over the Couriers? i.e. essentially the software company is a customer, they are NOT the Courier Company carrying out your delivery.

Whilst many software companies have great success running third party websites offering products and services to a multitude of industries, few have cracked being a successful “middle man” in the same day courier industry, and we believe it is for very good reason. If goods were non-urgent and relatively unimportant then most of us would simply utilise cheap overnight networks for all of our delivery needs, however, if you are paying for a same day dedicated courier it is likely to be because the goods are either urgent, valuable or fragile, in which case you would expect a certain level of service with a Courier company that offers accountability.

So, before you “click to order”, ask yourself these three simple questions. “Who am I actually booking with”? “Who do I talk to if something goes wrong, and how”? And……”Would you rather be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a reputable established Courier Company, as opposed to a software company with little or no industry experience, but that has a clever little app that palms your parcels off to the unknown”?