COVID-19 – Contingency & Safe Practice

COVID-19 – Contingency & Safe Practice

With the concerns over the Coronavirus rising, we would like to bring you our assurances, and also advise on the steps we are taking in relation to current news and guidelines.


Couriers collecting and delivering goods and obtaining POD’s (proof of delivery).

In order to reduce any potential risk of spreading Coronavirus, we recommend that where possible all collections and deliveries are made either at the door, in a post-room / main reception or in any other area where staff/customer numbers are minimal. Wherever possible we would like to avoid our couriers entering a full office environment unless absolutely necessary.

As we operate a fully electronic proof of delivery system, you will be aware that all signatures are captured via a mobile device. The courier will ask for the recipient’s name, and then hand them the device for a physical signature. Couriers can carry out up to 100 collections/deliveries on any given day, which means up to 100 people handling their mobile device. In accordance with government guidance and the process followed by other courier/delivery businesses as well as the major carriers we have taken the following steps to reduce risks of contamination.

Until further notice we have instructed all our couriers NOT to take physical signatures unless specifically requested to do so by the booker or by the recipient. This is an amendment to the Mission Terms & Conditions, Clause 8, which states that we will seek a POD signed by the recipient. The courier will continue to take the name of the recipient as normal, so you will still receive a full date and time stamp of delivery, together with the name of the person accepting the delivery; the only element missing will be the physical signature.

This method of obtaining PODs is deemed to satisfy all parties requirements and such courier generated receipt shall be conclusive evidence as to the facts of time and delivery and evidence that they were delivered in good condition. The recipient is therefore advised to request that the courier makes notes of any damage to packaging or the goods (if applicable) and to notify the booker immediately of any such concerns. Where no indication of damage has been noted, then no subsequent claim for loss or damage can be accepted by Mission Despatch.

Please also note the following:

  1. Should you require a physical signature, please make this clear at the time of booking; (if booking online please add “physical signature required” in the notes section of your booking).
  2. Couriers have also been advised to take photos whenever they leave goods in a safe place, and these can be produced on request.
  • Office deliveries: Please provide phone numbers for the recipient wherever possible. Given difficulties accessing offices at the current time this will help the courier, ourselves and you save time where we need to track the recipient down.
  1. Residential deliveries: Phone numbers for the recipient MUST be provided at the time of booking to help secure a safe and effective delivery.

Delivering to someone who has symptoms or is self-isolating.

If one of our couriers is required to deliver to a person who has Coronavirus symptoms, or is self-isolating, then the courier will deliver to a safe place / to the door (as requested). They will obtain a photograph of the item in the safe place and sign the delivery off on their device. This will trigger an email POD to the booker, (entered at time of booking), so you can advise the recipient that the delivery has taken place. Third party carriers also have measures in place, and links to carrier updates can be found at the footer of this page.

Courier Guidance

The below is an extract from our current guidance to our couriers:

  1. Social Distancing

You must remain 2 metres apart from the person(s) you are collecting from/delivering to. Goods are not to be signed for unless specifically requested. Simply take a full name and sign the job off on your machine. Handheld devices, pens etc should not be passed back and forth.

Collection/delivery procedure

  • Residential – Place goods by the door, knock/ring, then stand back. Wait until the client collects and obtain a verbal POD. If collecting, ask the client to put the goods by the door, then collect ensuring that you maintain a 2-metre distance.
  • Business – You may enter the premises where requested but ensure that you maintain a 2- metre distance from other personnel at all time. Please make sure that you comply with any guidelines laid out by the office management.
  1. Sanitising/gloves


Ensure you wash your hands (as per government guidelines) as often and as is reasonably possible. We appreciate that this is difficult when out on the road, so we require you to maintain a supply of a strong hand sanitiser with an alcohol content of 60%+ and use it every time after handling goods or touching any surface.


We will be maintaining stock of sanitiser in the office which you can collect when passing by and this is free of charge. You may also wish to consider using disposable gloves; however, please bear in mind that whilst they will stop you physically touching germs, the germs can live on the surface of gloves. Therefore, you should never put your hands near your face and your gloves should be changed and disposed of safely and regularly.


It is our recommendation that regular use of hand sanitiser, especially after collection and delivery of every parcel is a more effective and a more environmentally sustainable way of avoiding germ transmission than use of gloves.

  1. Masks


It is likely that the wearing of masks will become mandatory in certain settings and that certain customers may insist on them being worn on premises. We can offer a supply of 3-ply masks for those needing them or couriers can purchase their own.


  1. Illness


If you feel unwell with any of the recognised symptoms of Covid-19 you must not, under any circumstances, attend work. Please notify the office immediately, self-isolate as per government guidelines and, if possible, get tested as soon as possible. We request that you act responsibly and respect those around you; this is as much for your own safety as it is for others.


If you ever feel that you are being asked to collect or deliver to a location in a way that you deem unsafe, or outside of the realms of social distancing, you must not do so and, instead, call the office immediately and allow us to manage the situation.

What else are we doing to help?

As well as above, we will be operating a strict self-isolation policy should any of our team (office and drivers included) show any symptoms of Covid-19. No member of staff will be allowed to enter the office, nor any driver allowed to carry out any deliveries, until we are completely satisfied that they do not pose a risk to the public.

We sincerely hope all of our customers stay well, but we would ask that in the extremely unlikely event that anyone contracts the virus that they advise us immediately where they have been in close contact with any of our staff or drivers.

We will be continually monitoring the guidance and recommendations around Covid-19 and our policies and processes will be adapted in light of any changes to this.

As well as emailing this link to all contacts in our database, you will notice a link to this page at the bottom of your booking confirmation receipts.

The Directors & Team Mission.


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