Plan for Delivery Disruption in the Run-Up to Christmas

Plan for Delivery Disruption in the Run-Up to Christmas

The silly season, the run-up to Christmas, is approaching fast and the CWU are threatening a series of walkouts for Royal Mail.  This week Royal Mail have obtained a High Court injunction to block industrial action but who knows how long this will last.  Any retail business using Royal Mail has to make alternative plans right now, just in case of disruption before Christmas.   

No retailer wants to let down their customers at any time of the year but especially not at Christmas.  Even a few failed deliveries can spell disaster as disgruntled customers are bound to let rip on social media if their “little Oliver’s” hotly requested presents don’t arrive before the big day.  It won’t just be a PR disaster but will affect the business long-term with lost loyalty and future orders, damaging the bottom line.

If you use Royal Mail you really need to consider your delivery strategy to make sure it is robust whatever happens.  Now is the time to get in touch with alternative couriers, negotiate terms and get them in place ready to act should the need arise.  It will soon become apparent if the strike action will take place and it looks like it is 50/50 right now.

Last Christmas Royal Mail delivered over 130 million parcels – info via The Telegraph – so any action will cause major disruption and everyone else will be scrapping around trying to find someone to deliver their orders.   You need to get ahead of the scrum and plan now.

You could look at using different couriers for different types of delivery or find one that is really flexible and does it all.  You should use the time now to negotiate some great rates as couriers are fighting to get your business.

The delivery experience is as important as making the initial sale.  You can’t afford to be complacent as customers talk about bad experiences 100x more than they tell people about the good ones.   If orders are received after Christmas they will no doubt be returned and the customer relationship will be damaged for ever.

You need to make sure you have a reliable and efficient courier in place and they have flexible options to let your customer choose a delivery time and method that is best for them.   The more flexible you are the better as everyone is going to be busy and your customers will appreciate you providing a choice for them.

Give Mission Despatch a call now.  Our friendly Team will listen to your delivery requirements and come up with a solution just for you.  We offer competitive rates and a reliable service that will get your orders delivered as promised!

Merry Christmas!